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Mikaru with a solo tour in Europe

Mikaru (G.L.A.M.S) is back to Europe with a solo tour. It will start in early April and will go through several countries. The last time he delighted his fans was in 2018 with two visits to the continent, both solo and with band. He is also known to audience as vocalist

HITT with two upcoming concerts in Europe and new songs

After his European tour in August last year, HITT will return to the continent with two concerts. His fans in France and Italy will be able to enjoy the different and unique sound of the performer. For his concerts he plays piano and bass guitar, which enhances the sense of

Yamashita Tomohisa with a new drama this spring

Ямашита Томохиса

After he had released his new single, Yamashita Tomohisa surprises us again with new drama "In Hand", which will be launched the spring of 2019. He will play the role of Hikomura Tetsu - a doctor, investigating parasitic infections. Good looking, rich and clever, but different with just one thing

the GazettE with world tour in 2019

the GazettE

The famous visual kei band the GazettE, will again conquer Europe and both Americas in May and June this year. The band announced their tour last year and their fans around the world were very pleased and eager to get the tickets they wanted. the GazettE will visit 10 different countries

Wakkanai – one small piece of Japan

My desirable journey to the country of rising sun will begin from Wakkanai city. It is also the northernmost city of Japan. Close to the city is also the northernmost point of Cape Soya, which is an intersection of the two seas - sea of Japan and sea of Okhotsk.