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TEA Top 5 Albums of 2019

Having to choose out top 5 albums of 2019 was quite an interesting activity, more so than with any of the other top 5 rankings we did. The release of new music is always welcomed for fans but sometimes, no matter how favorite a certain artist is, there is a chance

New K-pop songs (20 – 26 January)

We are here once again to share with you the new k-pop songs. We won't be overreacting, if we say that last week was filled with many amazing releases. Let's begin! This week EXO's members were quite active when it comes to collaborations. Dynamic Duo chose Chen to feature in their

TEA Top 5 Groups of 2019

It's time to finally announce which groups have managed to win us over the past 2019 and enter our top 5 groups throughout the year. It was difficult to choose the soloists, but with the groups and bands it was even harder. Some of our most favorite groups haven't released anything

TEA Top 5 Soloists of 2019

True East Asia's Top 5 series continues with our top 5 solo artists of 2019. We cannot say for sure whether the debuting solo artists have been more in 2019 in regards to previous years. We can say, however, that the new as well as the already debuted soloists released great

New K-pop songs (13 – 19 January)

Нови K-pop песни

Last time there were so many new songs since we had gathered the new k-pop songs from the first two weeks of January together. Don't worry though, this time we have less. At the beginning of the week Zico came back with "Any Song", which turned out to be very different

ARGON with a Tour in Europe and Africa

2019 was the year of the strong debuts - no matter boy or girl groups, and ARGON confirm it with their strong presence on stage. They debuted on March 11th 2019, with the single “Master Key”, which title song is a melodic dance song that sticks to your mind. Later

TEA Top 5 Debuts of 2019

With the beginning of the new year we, from the team of True East Asia, decided to look back and see what happened on the к-pop scene in 2019. Following each week all of the songs that are being released, we just had to give some attention to the debuting

New K-pop songs (1 – 12 January)

Happy New Year from True East Asia's team!True East Asia 팀의 새해 복 많이 바드세요! Even tough 2019 is gone, we will continue to follow all new k-pop songs that are being released weekly. 2020 has just begun, but we already have some very strong k-pop comebacks. The super rookies ATEEZ, who

New K-pop Songs (23 – 31 December)

Here we are again, finally with the last portion of k-pop songs for 2019. When did it come, and even passed one whole year? We didn't even notice. The last week of December was filled with many, and amazing, comebacks in the k-pop industry. Starting with Red Velvet's teaser for "Psycho"