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K-pop Chuseyo! #3

Hello, lovers of k-pop! Today, we will go back to January to remind ourselves some of the great k-pop songs that got released! In case you have missed them, now is your chance to familiarize yourselves with them, and if they are already some of your favorites, well, here is another

Rosé (BLACKPINK) Finally Debuts Solo

Rose (Blackpink)

We all remember the time in 2018 when Jenny debuted with "SOLO" and everyone got so excited about YG's news that each of the girls will release a song by the end of the year, as it was going around. Well, that did not happen, unfortunately, and we all

K-pop Chuseyo! #2

Hello, lovers of k-pop! Are you ready for a new dose of music? We sure are, and this week undeniably brought us some amazing hits. KAI - MMMH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fc-fa6cAe2c The idol of the idols - Kai from the legendary group EXO debuted solo with his mini-album "KAI", and the video to the song

K-pop Chuseyo! #1

Hello K-Pop Lovers! Today we are glad to introduce you to our new rubric called "K-pop Chuseyo!", or simply said - k-pop, please!!! We can't deny that many new and incredibly good songs are released every week. That's why we are ready to show you some of the best of

Wonho is Coming Back Solo

After all the charges has been cleared, the former vocalist of the boy band MONSTA X now returns solo. After last year Wonho was accused of bad actions from his past, he made the difficult decision to leave his group in order to not affect their image. Just a few weeks