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Growing sprouts at home


As many of you maybe know, sprouts play a big role in the Asian culture. They are used in many side dishes, and why not add them even to our salad? Sprouts are rich in protein, enzymes, Omega-3, vitamin A and C, and apart from that they have many other nutritional

The White Day of Love

In February we revealed how “St. Valentine’s Day” is being celebrated in Japan and South Korea. However, the holidays relating to love in East Asia do not end with this one. In the late 70’s of the last century, on 14 March, starts the celebration of “The White Day” in Japan

Butterfly Festival – Taiwan

Dear readers, my question to you today is - do you enjoy festivals? I personally like them and will show you one I would like to visit. The Biennial Butterfly Beauty Festival or Butterfly Beauty Festival is held from November to March. It is dedicated to the rare type of winter

Bring “The Ladder” and let’s go!

If you are EXO fan and follow the group’s activities, then you have heard of “Travel Around The World On EXO’s Ladder”. The posters for Season 2 of "Travel Around The World On EXO's Ladder"! However, our focus here won’t be the reality show, but the game with a key