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NOIR with first European tour


K-pop group NOIR will make happy their fans on the Old continent with their first European tour, which is going to happen in the second half of October this year. The group's tour includes four destinations - Paris, Cologne, Prague and Warsaw. The organizers of the tour are SKeY ACE,

New K-pop songs (22 – 28 July)

Нови K-pop песни

The last full week of July has been filled with incredible k-pop hits. The duo EXO-S officially debuted with the song "What a life" and later this week they made us happy with the third video for their album. VAV are back with a new summer track "Give me more" in

Ravi from VIXX with own label “GROOVL1N”

At the end of last month, Ravi from VIXX officially announced the opening of his own hip-hop label GROOVL1N. The fans were excited in anticipation with what he would surprise them, especially after it was announced at the end of May, that he wouldn't renew his contract with Jellyfish Entertainment,