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The White Day of Love

In February we revealed how “St. Valentine’s Day” is being celebrated in Japan and South Korea. However, the holidays relating to love in East Asia do not end with this one. In the late 70’s of the last century, on 14 March, starts the celebration of “The White Day” in Japan

Bring “The Ladder” and let’s go!

If you are EXO fan and follow the group’s activities, then you have heard of “Travel Around The World On EXO’s Ladder”. The posters for Season 2 of "Travel Around The World On EXO's Ladder"! However, our focus here won’t be the reality show, but the game with a key

“St. Valentine’s Day”

The day in which we celebrate love, and also wine here, in Bulgaria, already passed! The fragrant bouquet is put in a vase on a prominent place and the chocolate temptations are already eaten. Because this is how “St. Valentine’s Day” is being celebrated in the West – men feverishly buy

Lunar New Year [part 1]

Legends tells of nien - a beast that at the beginning of each lunar year, walked out from his hiding place to eat. Going to the villages it lunged onto the harvested crops, animals and event the peasants - especially children. In order to escape the attacks and intimidate the