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Byun Baekhyun – also also known as one of the main vocalists of the legendary group EXO, came back with his new mini-album, with which he reached another record. Is he one of the most successful solo vocalists within the last decades? Yes, he can definitely have this title.

When in the beginning of this year Baekhyun released his first Japanese mini-album, no one expected that just 2 months later we will be awaiting another mini-album by him. That’s right, “Bambi” has been released just 2 months after the release of his self titled mini-album “BAEKHYUN”, but this haven’t stopped him from achieving the next record under his sleeve – he sold 868,000 copies of the album just within the first week of its release. And thus Baekhyun surpassed his own sales record for his second mini-album “Candy”.

“Bambi” is the personal project of the artist, where he embraces his own ideas and actively participates in the preparations for the album. Here the six songs that are included are again R’n’B, but much more lyrical, saturated with the dense voice of the vocalist. The theme of the mini-album is mostly “love”.


“Whenever I release a new album, I enjoy seeing a lot of my ideas reflected inside. I shared a lot of opinions and ideas this time too, so I’m excited and nervous. I’ve turned 30 (Korean age) and so I thought a lot about how to show a new side of me. I hope that those thoughts can bear the right fruit.” This was shared by the artist during the press conference of the album.

The third mini-album “Bambi” contains 6 songs, which are mainly in the R’n’B genre, which goes so well with the voice of Baekhyun. Starting with “Love Scene”, the artist slowly immerses us in the atmosphere of his new songs. The song itself brings a mood that seems to take us to a place that makes us dream. There are slight jazz notes in the melody, which seem to aim to show us how much the musician has grown.

Let’s continue with “Bambi”, which is also the title song of the album. Gentle, seductive, with extremely resonant bass, the song shows us a very tender and calm side of Baekhyun. If he wanted the listeners to feel important, he definitely succeeded. And the video for the song is a masterpiece that must be watched.

Baekhyun’s wide voice range is fully revealed in the third song of the album, namely “All I Got”. Here we come across the familiar high tones, with which he is so famous not only among fans but also among the entire music industry. We continue with our already familiar “Amusement Park”, which he released just a few months before the release of the album and it became another favorite song of the fans.

The last two songs from the mini-album are “Privacy” and “Cry For Love”, which successfully complete the concept of the album and can be title songs themselves. In fact, each of the songs can be a title song. As always, Baekhyun proves that he can make a masterpiece out of any piece.

Unfortunately for the fans, this is going to be perhaps Baekhyun’s last album for the next 2 years, as the artist announced that he will enter the military on May 6, when is also his birthday, to make the obligatory for men in South Korea military service. Baekhyun will be the sixth EXO member to serve in the military after Xiumin, D.O., Suho, Chen and Chanyeol.

Have you already listened to “Bambi”? Let us know in the comments what you think about the songs. We look forward to reading your feedback.



Singer: Baekhyun
Release date: 30 March 2020
Genre: R’n’B
Label: SM Entertainment

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