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Korean trio M.O.N.T, who will be in Bulgaria in just a month, released their new digital song “The Korean Island Dokdo” today.

After the release of “Korean Nation Mansae” 2 months ago, whose video was filmed on the island, now Narachan, Bitsaeon and Roda are back with a new song, reminding everybody that despite politics Dokdo remains a Korean island.

The release of this song today is not an accident. October 25th is actually Dokdo Day. The song lyrics tells us about the island – its history, the life there and the pride of it being part of South Korea and that it will always remain this way.

Written by M.O.N.T themselves, “The Korean Island Dokdo” is a song that cannot be ignored. The intersection of elements of contemporary music, the powerful rap by Roda and, above all, the addition of traditional Korean instruments create a unique sound. The slightly built rhythm of the song, which goes faster as the song progress, inserts light epic element and it seems like carrying the listener to the island, where he can feel with his heart what the boys are trying to tell us.

The music video is darker, more epic, filled with pride. Here again we see the skillful interweaving of traditional clothing and contemporary black suits and the ever-fluttering Korean flag, striking a reverence for even those unfamiliar with Korean history. And some fans of the group have already mentioned in the comments on the video that the song also makes them feel proud, even though they are not Korean.

The song is definitely impressive, there aren’t two opinions on the subject. And if it impressed you, be sure to buy tickets for the M.O.N.T concert this November 29th, where you will hear it live, along with other songs from the group’s repertoire.

And for the enthusiasts, record a video message to the group to tell them how much you enjoy seeing them in Bulgaria. Your clip must be no longer than 30 seconds and its submission deadline is October 31. Send your videos to! Let’s make their experience here even more wonderful!

But now listen to the new song and enjoy the video below!

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