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ARGON with a Tour in Europe and Africa

2019 was the year of the strong debuts - no matter boy or girl groups, and ARGON confirm it with their strong presence on stage. They debuted on March 11th 2019, with the single “Master Key”, which title song is a melodic dance song that sticks to your mind. Later

EXO to release their 6th album in late November

The highly anticipated new album by the widely famous k-pop group EXO will be release this late November. Just a few days ago, it was confirmed that the Nation's Pick would return with their sixth studio album. On November 1 at midnight, all official social media profiles were updated with

Are you ready for IN2IT this December?


The end of this year is filled with a lot of k-pop events in our country. Only a week after M.O.N.T's concert, fans of the k-pop music in Bulgaria will have the chance to see one more group - IN2IT. IN2IT debuted in 2017 with the album "Carpe Diem" and

M.O.N.T with a concert in Bulgaria in late November

The k-pop trio M.O.N.T will make their Bulgarian fans happy with a concert in Bulgaria at the end of this year. Following the cancellation of the entire tour of Lucente in Europe for reasons beyond the control of Bulgarian organizer, New Media Studios quickly took up the reins and had announced