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What are the 5 tallest skyscrapers in East Asia?

Shanghai Tower

Only 200 years ago, the world was expanding horizontally - people were taking up more and more space, occupying more and more land, and found many new places to live. At one point, however, it turned out that this could not go on forever, technology advanced even more, and humans

Wonho is Coming Back Solo

After all the charges has been cleared, the former vocalist of the boy band MONSTA X now returns solo. After last year Wonho was accused of bad actions from his past, he made the difficult decision to leave his group in order to not affect their image. Just a few weeks

TEA Top 5 Groups of 2019

It's time to finally announce which groups have managed to win us over the past 2019 and enter our top 5 groups throughout the year. It was difficult to choose the soloists, but with the groups and bands it was even harder. Some of our most favorite groups haven't released anything

Winners at this year’s MAMA 2019 Awards

Yesterday, on December 4, the show and award ceremony of the winners of this year's MAMA 2019 - Mnet Asian Music Awards took place. The ceremony was held at the Nagoya Dome in Japan and presented many awards, and the performances of the artists in attendance were amazing as usual. The biggest

New K-pop songs (11 – 17 November)

With all the new k-pop songs on the horizon we didn't notice when November came, and it's even planning to slip away. This week presented us with a new comeback of the queens MAMAMOO with the music video to their song "HIP". Stray Kids made us happy with a music video