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Hello, lovers of k-pop!

Today, we will go back to January to remind ourselves some of the great k-pop songs that got released! In case you have missed them, now is your chance to familiarize yourselves with them, and if they are already some of your favorites, well, here is another chance to listen to them!

VICTON – What I Said

I doubt it someone will be surprised at the statement that VICTON are amazing, as always. They are trying to lure their fans with great vocals and rap in “What I Said”. And it is actually working, don’t you think?

ONEUS – No Diggity

ONEUS came back with a bang (as well as a certain amount of fire) with “No diggity”, ready to destroy everything and everyone who stands in their way. Don’t be tempted by their sweet talk, so that you don’t suffer later!

MCND – Crush

Until recently rookies, MCND definitely know how to please their fans. One can see the boys themselves are quite joyful and through “Crush” it is as if they are trying to charge us with some positive energy. And in regards of the sports wear, I’d say, it quite suits them.


CRAVITY – another boy group that was formed less than a year ago (counting from the moment of releasing “My Turn”). Even with their debut song we can see that CRAVITY are different, and “My Turn” only strengthens this statement. They totally deserve the rank of a rising group and we are sure that the boys will keep making quality music in the future.

Epik High – Rosario

Epik High – one of the veteran group in the k-pop music – come together with two other big names in the industry in “Rosario”. With its pop-rap sound, this is a great song for fans of Korean rap music, but it is also not too intrusive, so that it would suit the taste of all pop lovers.

Golden Child – Burn It

Golden Child’s song “Burn It” starts with an extremely gentle sound, which then turns into such a catchy beat, that we can sometimes start humming it, just like that. From the MV it can be seen that the boys would make great actors. Have you not seen it yet, do it! They boys tell us such a great story with their song, and the music video, which is more like a short film, only complements it.


DREAMCATCHER are not your typical k-pop girl group. Their songs are always unique – you’ve probably noticed the rock elements in almost all of their releases, and the videos are a killer. “Odd Eye” is not an exception here. If you go more in-depth in the music video here, you might notice that it looks like the girls are transporting themselves in a different world, a different reality. Or is it just me?

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