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Hello, lovers of k-pop!

Are you ready for a new dose of music? We sure are, and this week undeniably brought us some amazing hits.


The idol of the idols – Kai from the legendary group EXO debuted solo with his mini-album “KAI”, and the video to the song “MMMH” is not only a visual gem, but also shows the young man in a way that cannot fail to fascinate us even more. Kai definitely knows how to steal the hearts of the fans and we are sure that his debut will bring him incredible success.

ENHYPEN – Given-Taken

This year another debuting group receives great success with their first release. This is ENHYPEN – the group, formed from the show I-LAND. After the performances in the show, we knew that they will deliver something great, but “Given-Taken” even exceeded our expectations. We cannot wait to see what the boys have prepared for the future, and we’ll follow their musical career.


The second video from COT7’s new album is already here, and the topic which started in „Breath“ is also continued here. The album itself contains 10 songs in total, which show how talented the seven boys are. If you haven’t listened to GOT7, then you should definitely do it now.

BoA – Better

Even after 20 years on the stage, BoA is still shining. Charismatic, dangerous and extremely magnetic, in her new video “Better” the singer shows that she is ready to own the stage yet another 20 years and more.


The first digital single of the boys from ONEUS is extremely colorful, exciting and empowering. “Bbuseyo” is a song which puts fans on their feet to dance together with their favorite performers. After all, we all need a little more happiness and smiles in this tense time.


After a long wait, VANNER also came back with a new single and a video to the song “FORM”. Here, they have made their bet on an interesting concept, and the song itself brings us energy to prepare for the upcoming cold months. Apart from the title song, we also recommend you to listen to the second song from the single as well – “Lachata”.


Are you ready for a challenge? NCT 2020 consists from all 23 members from NCT brought together, and “Resonance” is a song which is a combination of 4 other songs of the group that came in the last two albums – “Resonance” first and second part. The song has definitely turned out interesting, and all the boys shine in it. What do you think about it?

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