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Hello K-Pop Lovers!

Today we are glad to introduce you to our new rubric called “K-pop Chuseyo!”, or simply said – k-pop, please!!! We can’t deny that many new and incredibly good songs are released every week. That’s why we are ready to show you some of the best of them in our new section. Let’s begin!

GOT7 – Breath

GOT7 gave their fans the song “Breath” a week before the release of their new album. The song is funny, the MV is awesome and the boys definitely shine in it. And I personally can stop whistling after listening to the song several times in a row.

NCT U – 90’s Love

This year, NCT definitely won many new fans. The latest album, which includes all 23 members of the band, was released earlier this week, and the title track “90’s Love” is a pop dance track that will make everyone dance.


XXIN, also known as Shin Seunghoon, the leader of the k-pop group NOIR, released his first digital single, “Don’t Touch Me”, before officially enlisting in the military. The song is definitely in his style, and the video is a gift for all his fans, who promised to wait patiently for his return.


The duo SUPER JUNIOR-D&E haven’t forgotten their Japanese fans and this week they returned with a new Japanese single and video for the song “Wings”. Donghae and Eunhyuk complement each other great and no matter what new song they release, it always brings success. And although “Wings” is a song intended for the Japanese market, we can’t help but feel the typical sound with which the duo is distinguished.

PURPLE KISS – My Heart Skip a Beat

Are you ready for RBW’s new girl group? This is their first girl group after MAMAMOO and in my personal opinion all members are well chosen. The song is playful and memorable, and the choreography reveals the talents of the girls. We can’t wait to see what else they will impress us with.

CHUNG HA with R3HAB – Dream of You

Chung Ha has no weak song, and this week she delighted her fans with her new song “Dream of You”, which is in collaboration with R3HAB. This dance song is completely in her style, and if you hear it at least once, you can’t help but start humming it constantly.

UP10TION – Destiny

And finally, we need to mention UP10TION’s new video for the song “Destiny”. The video looks mesmerizing and is a pleasant surprise for the boys’ fans. This is the second video from the mini-album “Light Up”, and we are glad that the boys released it.

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