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As many of you maybe know, sprouts play a big role in the Asian culture. They are used in many side dishes, and why not add them even to our salad?

Sprouts are rich in protein, enzymes, Omega-3, vitamin A and C, and apart from that they have many other nutritional values. One can find a handful of benefits from sprouts consummation, some of which are:

  • Better digestion;
  • Stronger immune system;
  • Better skin;
  • Better heart function;
  • Better vision and others.

And here is how you can grow your own sprouts at home:

First and foremost, you need to decide what kind of ingredient you want to use (e.g. “Mung” beans, lentils, wheat, broccoli, or something else), and then you measure 100 gr of it. You have to wash the grains well and soak them in some sort of a container for one night. On the next day, prepare a cartoon of 1L milk: you have to cut the two ends of the cartoon from one of the sides. Be careful, however, not to cut the ends too big as the grains will fall out! The next step is to drain the previously soaked grains and transfer them into the cartoon. You have to water the sprouts twice a day, leaving the water for a few minutes and draining it out, otherwise they will rot.

Sprouts from 100 gr lentils.

Don’t forget that you have to place the cartoon at a dark place (e.g. in a cabinet under the sink). Do not, under any circumstances, put it in the fridge! The cold will slow down the growth. After the 5th day the sprouts are ready for consumption. If you decide, you can leave them grow a couple of days longer. Before eating, you have to rinse the sprouts well, remove the flakes and you’re good to go. Now, you can make your own healthy salad!

IMPORTANT: After the final rinse, the sprouts have to be consumed within 2-3 days. If you are not going to be using them immediately, don’t wash all of it, and just the amount you need.

It is best you consume sprouts raw (steamed at most), because when cooking them, a lot of their nutritional values are lost.

We would be more than happy for you to share your result, were you to try and grow your own sprouts!

Source: Quyuh Tran

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