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Nowadays, not everyone has the spare time to sit down in front of the TV, to relax and watch a series, especially if it’s a longer one. Well, web dramas are here to save us. Even though the web dramas are short, they have the ability to introduce us to a new story, with which at least for a little bit we can get away from our daily life and travel to a completely different place.

Here are some web dramas, which are not to be missed!

Dokgo Rewind

Let’s start with a powerful action web drama, which is about 2 hours in total. “Dokgo Rewind” tells the story of Kang Hu – a boy, who has died because of school violence, and his brother. Kang Hyuk wants to take revenge for his bothers’ death and will do anything he’s capable of to do so.

In the main roles we have Sehun from EXO, Kang Mina from Gugudan, Ahn Bo Hyun, Lee Jae Yoon and others.

If you’ve decided to watch “Dokgo Rewind”, it is best to watch the whole series in one go because once you start, you won’t be able to stop. And have some tissues next to you!

Another web drama, in which we can watch the boys from EXO, is “EXO Next Door”. As we already mentioned in the review we posted, this is a great way to learn the group’s members, if you are just getting into it. “EXO Next Door” is a great choice, if you want to laugh and relax.


“Ga Du Ri Restaurant” is a web drama, which won’t leave you to catch your breath from laughing. The main culprit for this is Hyuk from VIXX, who plays the role of a CEO in an underwear company, but gets taken for a pervert. The majority of the scenes are funny and you won’t notice when a whole episode is over. You can read more about the series here.

Diverting from the Korean dramas for a bit, let’s have a look at something Japanese. “Switched” is a mini-drama, which tells the story of three childhood friends – Shunpei Kaga, Koshiro Mizumoto and Ayumi Kohinata. Koshiro likes Ayumi and one day gets enough courage to confess his feelings. The two start seeing each other and everything seems to go well until Ayumi and Zenko Umane suddenly change their bodies. Of course, no one but her childhood friend Shunpei doesn’t believe this crazy story. If it sounds like something you would enjoy, you can watch “Switched” on Netflix.

We also have a recommendation for fans of Tharn and Type, or the so called genre “boys love”.

“Because of You” is a new, hot and interesting Taiwanese web series in the boys love genre. In the span of 10 episodes we follow the story of the three half-brothers Yuan Jun Cheng, Yuan Jun Dao and Yuan Jun Ping. The three grow up in a large, wealthy family and always have everything they want. Later on, they have to figure out life, starting to encounter the daily struggles it comes with. They have to find a way to face every possible situations associated with rejection and to find true love.

Going back to the Korean, are there any fans of Kwon Hyun Bin (VIINI) here? We often start watching a series because of a favorite actor/performer, who acts in it. And if you are a fan of Hyun Bin, we are here to recommend not one but two web dramas, which you can enjoy!

The first series with VIINI is known under a few titles, the most used one of which is probably “The World of My 17”. The series is about friendship and growth in high school, where friends are one’s world. The daily life of 17-years old teenagers – those, who sometimes get troubled by their friends, but also turn into interchangeable friendships.

The second web drama, in which we can watch VIINI later this year, is “Cafe Kilimanjaro”. There isn’t a lot of information yet, nor a set date, but it is clear that it will be perfect for coffee lovers.

Tell us, do you watch web dramas? Do you have any favorites?

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