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Moon Repackage cover

Earlier this year Moon Byul released the mini-album “Dark Side of the Moon”, which had a dark and twisted concept. At the end of May, the artist also released a repackage of her mini-album, namely “門OON: Repackage”. The repackage adds a new full length song as well as an intro to the already existing set of tracks.

Even though “Intro: Satellite” is just over a minute long, it feels like it has the potential to become a full length track with some changes. By no means does this mean that it is not enough the way it is! This is probably one of the best intros I have personally listened to. The lyrics are quite interesting and the beat is also amazing.

Moon Repackage

The main track of “門OON: Repackage” is “Absence (부재)”. To some extend, “Absence” has a similar gloomy feeling as “Mirror” does. Yet, they each have their own charm. If “Mirror” is filled with regret and hatred for a relationship that has already ended, “Absence” leaves us wondering what’s best for us – to end a relationship that’s clearly unhealthy or keep living with a person who won’t acknowledge us, even while being together.

Here’s something interesting! Did you know that Moon Byul’s name (in Korean) is made out of two syllables (문 – Moon; 별 – Byul)? The first one (문) means “door”, and the second one (별) – “star”. Apart from that, Moon Byul uses the Chinese character “門” in the repackage, which clearly looks and reads like an “M” but it’s meaning is also “door”. And as far as 별 goes, the artist incorporates the word “star” in her lyrics in both “Dark Side of the Moon” and “門OON: Repackage”.

Moon Repackage cover

門OON: Repackage

Singer: Moon Byul
Release date: 29 May 2020
Genre: Pop, Dance
Label: RBW Entertainment

Review by: VixxYi

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