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Web dramas are becoming more and more popular in South Korea. Their only disadvantage is maybe the short episodes, but that’s why even people who don’t have enough time to dedicate to a full-length series, can sit down and enjoy a web drama. With its first episode “Gaduri Restaurant” lands on 4th place in the web drama ranks.

Gaduri Restaurant poster

“Gaduri Restaurant” is a web drama, which tells the story of Ga Du Ri, who is a sashimi restaurant owner, and Cha Woo Bin. Ga Du Ri is also popular as a legendary goddess and known to be great at love tarot reading. Therefore, the queue in front of her restaurant is usually quite long and people have to wait for hours in order to dine there. Each night, Ga Du Ri picks one of her customers to receive a tarot reading. Cha Woo Bin is the mysterious, unemployed neighbor.

The web drama starts airing on June 9th, 2020. It will consist of 12 episodes in total, each about 20 minutes long.

You can expect new episodes each Tuesday and Thursday at 18:00 o’clock Korean time. The episodes can be found on KOK TV’s YouTube channel, on Naver TV, as well as on V Live and Facebook.

Lee Joo Bin ans Ga Du Ri
Han Sang Hyuk as Cha Woo Bin

Director: So Min Jung; Writer: Chang You Yeon
Cast: Lee Joo Bin, Han Sang Hyuk, Chong Jin Hwan, Kim Seong Tae, Choi Ji Hee, Jang Sol Mi


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