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Dark Side of the Moon

Just a couple of months ago Moon Byul (from MAMAMOO) released her mini-album, called “Dark Side of the Moon”. The album consists of 6 songs in total, through which the artist shows us her different colours. The lyrics of all six songs are partially written by Moon Byul herself.

The whole theme throught the album is dark, as could be guessed from the album’s title, but also from the lyrics of the songs. As dark as the lyrics may be though, Moon Byul is able to thoroughly express her feelings, and even shows us a different side of herself, which she hasn’t been to so far as a part of MAMAMOO.

Dark Side of the Moon track list

The track list starts off with “Eclipse”, which is also the title song. In “Eclipse” Moon Byul presents us two versions of the moon, which fight to take control. Namely, the Moonstar and the Monster. One is there to protect you, and the other – to swallow the light. Which one would you define yourself as? Moon Byul says she is more like the Monster.

“Mirror” is a song full of regret and longing for a time that will never come back. Moon Byul sings about how one person can change the way you see yourself – to the point that you even start hating yourself. It is a song, which describes the relationship two people have – love turned to a beautiful memory, the feelings that shouldn’t be there because they only bring pain.

According to Moon Byul “ILJIDO” is a song to which a lot of people could relate. I couldn’t agree more! In my opinion, with this song Moon Byul wants to tell her fans that they shouldn’t just be dreaming and not taking any actions because of the many things that could go wrong. Instead, people should get up and follow their dreams. Even if things go wrong, at least you’ve tried. Otherwise, you never know how far you could go.

“MOON MOVIE” on the other hand, is the complete opposite of “ILJIDO”. It’s a song about working towards acheiving your dreams. It isn’t easy, but at the end “my life is what I make of it” as Moon Byul sings. Let’s also not forget the catchy beat these two songs have.

The last two songs from “Dark Side of the Moon” – “Weird Day” and “Snow” – are ballads, both released prior to the release of the mini-album itself. “Weird Day” is also in collaboration with Punch. I think that Punch’s voice is a great match to Moon Byul’s gentle rap. Through “Snow” Moon Byul show us that apart from a great rapper, she also has an amazing voice for ballads.

Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side of the Moon

Singer: Moon Byul
Release date: 14 February 2020
Genre: Pop, Dance
Label: RBW Entertainment

Review by: VixxYi

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