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Suho Сухо Self-Portrait

The leader of the k-pop group EXO – Suho – debuted solo with his mini-album “Self-Portrait” this March 30th. The mini-album consists of 6 songs and Suho himself is involved in writing the lyrics and compiling the overall concept of the album.

If I have to choose a word to describe everything, it will be “calm”. The songs, the photo shoots, the video even – everything is extremely simple and seems to soothe the soul of the listener – as if we are watching the sea drift slowly and soothingly. This feels exactly the first track on the album with the simple but powerful title “O2”.

Let’s move smoothly to the title song “Let’s Love”. A song that tells us that even if we are already disappointed with love, we can open our hearts and love again. The song is special because of its title as well, which is the same as the EXO slogan they have been using for 8 years. In addition to its lyrics, the song lures us with the gently intertwined guitar riffs, and the rock sound makes us aware that Suho can definitely create in any genre.

Suho, whose real name is Kim Jun Myeon, says “Made In You” was created with his fans in mind – EXO-L, who support him in every endeavor and so, with this song and the album as a whole, wants to thank them for their hard work and love over the years. In the song we can enjoy his unique vocal capabilities and begin sing along with him.

“Starry Night” is a ballad that will imaginary carry us under the night sky, dreaming. Starting slowly, the rhythm gradually accelerates to reach the closing notes, making it very enjoyable to listen to. The song is also a sequel to “Curtain” – a solo song by Suho from the SM Station series.

The self-titled song “Self-Portrait” is like a representation of the artist’s self. Suho says that he was inspired for the album concept and the song after attending an exhibition of paintings by the artist Van Gogh.

The final sixth song “For You Now” is in collaboration with the female singer Younha. It is a delicate melodic song in which the performers’ voices intertwine gracefully to create a sensual love song – a wonderful ending to this brilliant mini-album.


Singer: Suho
Release date: 30 March 2020
Genre: Ballads
Label: SM Entertainment

Review by: Amairo

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