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The k-pop boy group VICTON came back yesterday with their sixth mini-album “Continuous”. This is their first release after the return of the leader Han Seung Woo, following the disbandment of X1.

“Continuous” includes 5 songs, and as they shared in their showcase, all members participated in the work on the album.

The album itself begins strongly with the song “Nightmare”, which has a slower rhythm, but sets a magnetic sensation that leads us to the title track “Howling”.”Nightmare” tells us more about the nightmare to be with a broken heart, be alone, nostalgically remembering the happy days that are now gone.

The melody itself and intensity of “Howling”‘s hip-hop beats make the song incomparably enjoyable to listen to, and the light rock sound of the guitars completes the overall composition harmoniously. The chorus is enthralling and makes us continue to chant it long after the song is over. The track was created by the successful team HSND and NANO, who seem to be telling us about the inability to move forward, even though it is your wish, howling from loneliness.

The video is in dark, brown shades, completely recreating the feeling that artists want to leave in our minds.The choreography fits in well with the storyline of the video, and overall it is all designed to give credit to this truly magnetic song.

The third song in the mini-album “All I Know” is a nice melodic piece where the boys’ vocals stand out, showing how much they improved so far. The tune will definitely make you sway in tact as you listen to it, and the lyrics recreate the moment before the break up as we think we will be with our loved ones forever.

“Petal” has an addictive tune, and here the rap and vocals are arranged so that we can hear and enjoy the parts of each member. The alternative dance track is the appropriate transit to the final song on the mini-album “White Night” – an emotional ballad, in which we can fully enjoy the powerful vocals of the performers and the feelings they make us experience.


“Continuous” is definitely an album worth hearing, and if you haven’t listened to the boys before, now is the right time to start doing it. VICTON has once again shown their potential, and their fans are more than thrilled with the new music to enjoy.

You can listen to the whole album on Spotify, and enjoy the music video we shared above.

What do you think about the album? Let us know!

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