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We are here once again to share with you the new k-pop songs. We won’t be overreacting, if we say that last week was filled with many amazing releases. Let’s begin!

This week EXO’s members were quite active when it comes to collaborations. Dynamic Duo chose Chen to feature in their new song – “You”. The song itself shows us what a life without the person we love would look like – a life, filled with emptiness. On the other hand, Chanyeol works again with PUNCH, this time they present us with a song for the OST of “Romantic Dr. Teacher Kim”. We can see him also under the name Loey, and the song, which he releases with mq, is about the hectic daily routine, which we have these days.

NCT127 gift their fans the song “Dreams Come True”, with which they tell us that life is beautiful and dreams do come true, as long as we believe in ourselves and don’t give up. We expect their new album in March. Bobby (iKON) releases two new special songs just for iKONIC. “Rest Your Bones” is a melodic solo release. “Deep Night” features JU-NE, where we can enjoy Bobby’s powerful rap, as well as JU-Ne’s vocals.

We also have to mention Paul Kim’s new song, which features CHUNG HA. The music video for “Loveship” begins with the two as children and ends in such an interesting way. This song is for everyone, who has loved a childhood friend.

Jun and Chan from A.C.E also showed us that they are capable of making a great OST. Last week was released an official video to “Where You Are”, and for those of you wondering, the k-drama is called “The Game: Towards Zero”.

Check out all k-pop songs from the week below!

DynamicDuo & Chen (EXO) – You

NCT 127 – Dreams Come True

Bobby (iKON) – Rest Your Bones

Bobby & Ju-Ne (iKON) – Deep Night

Paul Kim & CHUNG HA – Loveship



Chanyeol (EXO) & PUNCH – Go Away Go Away

mq x Loey – SLOW WALK

Jun & Chan (A.C.E) – Where You Are

Ayno (VAV) – Not Okay (Mixtape)

KANTO – Out Of The Blue

Kim Dong Wan (Shinhwa) – Red Shoes

Kim Dong Wan (Shinhwa) – Missing You

Kim Dong Wan (Shinhwa) – Come true (Outro)

Baek Ji Woong – A Weary Night

Han Dong Geun – Farewell

Crush – Ibiza

Tommy Strate & NOISEMASTERMINSU – Miyazaki

Seong Guk – DREAM

Lee Seung Shul – I will give you all (The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Webtoon OST Part.1)

Siion feat. Jiselee – ON MY WAY

MiGyo – Love like crazy

Hwi hyeun & Hak Seon – Your Night My Star

BIG INNER – End of the beginning

Han Soon Jung – It’s My Life

Poetic Narrator – I’ll Take Half Of Your Sorrows Today



Baek A – Time Slip

Beenzino – Break

Poetic Narrator – Some Flowers

Gavy NJ – I’m in Sinchon

twlv – California

House Rulez feat. Cheryl Sekiya – Tic Tok

Dunkindouner feat. Dalzi – Lie Down

Kim June Sun – With You (My Country Epilogue)

Poetic Narrator – Sometimes I Desperately Want To Be Sick

HAILEY – Farewell Vlog (loves. Basick)


KCM – Count three as a habit

D-Hack feat. greenbeige – KUROI STA

Kim Tae Hyun – GO GO (Touch OST Part.2)

Ma Eunjin – Can do Nothing (Touch OST Part.2)

LEEVIAN – I think, there’s a small movie theater in your head

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