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It’s time to finally announce which groups have managed to win us over the past 2019 and enter our top 5 groups throughout the year.

It was difficult to choose the soloists, but with the groups and bands it was even harder. Some of our most favorite groups haven’t released anything this 2019, but due to this we were able to find and like some new ones to feed our music cravings.

And here they are – the groups who managed to enter our top 5 list. Some of them are in more than one list, but they are just too good. Check below who they are!

Mopi’s Top 5 Groups of 2019

  1. EXO
  2. EXO-CBX
  3. Vibe
  4. VAV
  5. EXO-SC

Amairo’s Top 5 Groups of 2019

  1. EXO
  2. ATEEZ
  3. VIXX
  4. A.C.E

Sakura’s Top 5 Groups of 2019

  1. NOIR
  2. VAV
  3. EXO-SC
  4. EXO
  5. IZ

VixxYi’s Top 5 Groups of 2019

  1. The Rose
  2. M.O.N.T
  3. (G)-IDLE
  4. NOIR
  5. A.C.E

Which are your top 5 groups of 2019?

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