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Нови K-pop песни

Last time there were so many new songs since we had gathered the new k-pop songs from the first two weeks of January together. Don’t worry though, this time we have less.

At the beginning of the week Zico came back with “Any Song”, which turned out to be very different from his last album. The lyrics, as well as the video, of “Any Song” clearly show us that music has the power to heal – whenever you’re bored, whenever you’re sad, turn on any favorite song of yours and everything will be alright.

BTS released a music video to “Black Swan”, which is a pre-released single to their new album, which we are expecting in February. And while the boys sing, we can enjoy the amazing performance of MN Dance Company‘s dancers.

This week we also have a great debut, namely 2Z. The boys debuted with the EP “We Tuzi:”, with a title track”My 1st Hero”, for which they also released a music video. The song has a great pop-rock sound and totally distinguishes the band from the vast majority.

Don’t miss out on Taeyeon’s new song – the title song from the repackage “Purpose”, as well as Kim Jaejoong’s first comeback since many years!

Check out the new k-pop songs from last week below!

ZICO – Any song

Kim Jaejoong – Tender Love

Taeyeon – Dear Me

BTS – Black Swan

Solar (MAMAMOO) & Kassy – A Song From The Past


BOL4, Vanilla Acoustic, Sweden Laundry, 20 Years of Age, Letter Flow, Kim ji Soo, WH3N, Boramiyu & Choi Yu Ree – Awkward

2Z – My 1st Hero

Insooni – Happy

Jhnovr – U

nafla – Good morning

Marybunny – Keep Dreaming

Match up – 5days

Yoon Jong Shin feat. YUMDDA – Spare (Monthly Project 2020 January)

YASU – Everybody Needs Somebody

Meenoi – 3M

931 – When it snows (Vocal.Lee Do Young)

Grizzly – Prague (About time)

Woo Prak, Jay Ssup – Just Hug

Thunders – A Peal of Thunder (Demos Vol.1)

Kim Hee Jin – I Can’t Forget You

Stare – Clothes off

Hong Sok Min – My Song

Eian – Rainy day

YOON GUN – 12 times a day

FreeXKid – She Ja

Sogak sogak feat. Jae Hee of MIND U – It’s all my fault

Beige – First day of farewell

flow – You are like coffee

Broccoli you too – Yuja-Cha

Park SaJang feat. Hyeeun Lee – Gamsugwang

HWAJA – Change

idolo – Whole

KO A JUNG – Sorry

MACKELLI – Separete from, night

Yammo feat. Guapdad 4000 – Bad Habits

Kim Tae-hyun (딕펑스) – The day goes by (Stove League OST Part.4)

Nautilus – Utopian

U Sung Eun – Runaway

co_os – Why, tonight (w / I AM LUU, Crispy

STANDING EGG – I know what is the love after broke up

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