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2019 was the year of the strong debuts – no matter boy or girl groups, and ARGON confirm it with their strong presence on stage.

They debuted on March 11th 2019, with the single “Master Key”, which title song is a melodic dance song that sticks to your mind. Later the same year they also released the album “GO FORWARD: Wide Dream”, where the six boys show even more from their talent and charms. ARGON definitely made a great start with their debut.

Now their fans on the Old Continent, as well as in Africa, will be able to see them on their tour ”GIVE ME DAT”, which starts on January 31st and will end on February 17th, making a stop in 11 countries.

January 31st, Friday – Helsinki / Finland
February 1st, Saturday – Stockholm / Sweden
February 2nd and 3rd, Sunday and Monday – Oslo / Norway
February 4th ant 5th, Tuesday and Wednesday – Cologne / Germany
February 8th, Saturday – Rabat / Morocco
February 9th, Sunday – Madrid / Spain
February 10th and 11th, Monday and Tuesday – Algiers / Algiers
February 12 февруари, Wednesday – Paris / France
February 13 и 14 февруари, Thursday and Friday – Prague / Czech Republic
February 15 февруари, Saturday – Budapest / Hungary
February 16 и 17 февруари, Sunday and Monday – Bucharest / Romania

Ticket Categories:
VIP – 85 Euro
~first entry
~group photo (5 people)

GOLD – 65 Euro
~entry after VIP
~signed poster
~group photo (10 people)

SILVER – 30 Euro
~entry after GOLD

STANDART – 15 Euro
~entry after SILVER

WORKSHOPS – 20 / 30 Euro

Tickets could be bought from here! For more relevant information you can follow the official page of the organizator on Facebook. The closest destination for fans in Bulgaria is the concert in Romania and the date is February 16th.

And while waiting for more details about the tour, let’s enjoy one of ARGON’s songs from their latest comeback.

Source: Beyond Ent.

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