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TEA Топ 5 дебюта на 2019 - Top 5 debuts of 2019

With the beginning of the new year we, from the team of True East Asia, decided to look back and see what happened on the к-pop scene in 2019.

Following each week all of the songs that are being released, we just had to give some attention to the debuting groups and solo artists. For sure, they were so many and all had amazing debut songs, which made the decision very hard. As some say, 2019 was the year of the powerful rookie groups and new solo artists. Therefore, we thought we would share with you our personal 5 debuting artists for the last year.

As we’ve mentioned numerous times, our musical tastes are not that similar and it just wouldn’t be correct to present you with only 5 artists on behalf of all of us. Without further ado, we share with you our favorite debut artists of 2019!

Mopi’s Top 5 Debuts of 2019

  1. Chen (EXO)
  2. Baekhyun (EXO)
  3. EXO-SC
  4. U-Know (TVXQ)
  5. ONEWE

Amairo’s Top 5 Debuts of 2019

  1. M.O.N.T
  2. ONEUS
  3. VIINI
  4. CIX
  5. OnlyOneOf

Sakura’s Top 5 Debuts of 2019

  1. ONEUS
  2. ARGON
  3. ONEWE
  4. MCND
  5. 1THE9

VixxYi’s Top 5 Debuts of 2019

  1. M.O.N.T
  3. 3YE
  4. VIINI
  5. ONEUS

Which artists, debuted in 2019, are your favorites? Tell us down in the comments, we would love to know.

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