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Happy New Year from True East Asia’s team!
True East Asia 팀의 새해 복 많이 바드세요!

Even tough 2019 is gone, we will continue to follow all new k-pop songs that are being released weekly. 2020 has just begun, but we already have some very strong k-pop comebacks.

The super rookies ATEEZ, who released an album not even 3 months ago, make their fans happy once again with a new mini-album. The mini-album consists of 4 songs in total and an outro, and we also have a music video to the title song “Answer”. VERIVERY, VIXX’s little brothers (dongsaengs), also delight us with a comeback, and the choreography to “Lay Back” is just incredible.

M.O.N.T, who just recently had a concert in Bulgaria, surprised their fans with a music video to the song “Tired”, which they released on the day of their first debut anniversary. The video itself was taken during their tour in Europe. On the other hand, SF9 came back with “Good guy” – a song which will definitely bring them plenty of awards.

Suga from BTS surprised the fans with a trailer to the group’s new comeback. “Interlude: Shadow” has a slightly different style than the one we have seen from the boys so far, as it emphasizes more on the rap, following RM’s intro from the release of “Map of the Soul: Persona”. TST also came back with “Count down” and it is obvious that the boys are getting better with each following release.

These are only a small part of the comebacks in the beginning of the year. We also have new songs from Baekhyun (EXO), Amber Liu, VOISPER, Ong Seong Wu, DONGKIZ and many other artists.

Check out all new k-pop songs from the first two weeks of January below!

ATEEZ – Answer

SF9 – Good Guy


TST – Count down

M.O.N.T – Tired

ENOi – Cheeky

B.O.Y – My Angel

Younha – Dark Cloud

VOISPER – Keep Going

Ong Seong Wu – WE BELONG

Baekhyun (EXO) – My Love

Suga (BTS) – Interlude: Shadow

DONGKIZ – All I Need Is You


DreamNote – WISH

ANS – Say My Name

Brown Eyed Girls – Snowman

Amber Liu – Stay Calm (English release)

SGO – Waiting for you

mq – Alzheimer

Lil Oppa, Zelo, JVDE – Shower


Dvwn feat. YAYYOUNG – Insomnia

pH-1 feat. Yerin Baek – Nerdy Love

Woody – Nothing’s Gonna Be Changed

GREE – Stop It

ZNTN – Fiance

JungMan Woo – Salary Man

Jae Jung Parc – Easy Determination

LUNCH – Love Forever


AIMING feat. Dro – This song

Lee Yong Shin – Smile


2LSON feat. Kim Chan ho – YOU


AKITEMPO – The lights, that lit the streets all night, all disappear

BLOODMOON – See U Again (Vo. Elika & Kim Ji Su)

VANKiD – New Recruit Flow

Yerim Sohn – PALE BLUE

Yerim Sohn – PROBLEM

VANKiD feat. Kim Il Gun of TRITOPS – Rain

Cho Gon, JESE, Hwang Min Jae – Kidult

Midnight Lamp – I like you (Vocal Yang Min Ho)

Jeong Hyo Bean – Sometimes

Siha – Inside the Room

by me – Why Not Me

SLEEPY feat. Mckdaddy, 뱃사공 – JusticE

Charcoal, Steel – ICY


KissN – Hope you

Vetti – Blur

BLSG – Player

Yunsae – Stay with Me

Grizzly – Prague out (Am I)

Jungdeun – Dull

nafla – gucci girl

SUZANNE – Can’t Hang

OLIVER – Cold Wind Passing (Stove League OST Part.3)

Kim, Soim – For You (Touch OST Part.1)

Hongbumseo – Pay Me Back

Shin, Youna – Make Up Ur Mind (Touch OST Part.1)

Banni – Bad Guy

Yerin Baek – Here I Am Again (Crash Landing on You OST Part.4)

Hong Dae Kwang – When you looked into my eyes

MISA – Night Drive

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