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The well known k-pop boy group ONF announced their European tour today, in which, fortunately, Bulgaria is also included. The six boys from ONF will be headliners to the event K-POP ALL STARS, which will be held on April 9 in Music Jam Club, organized by New MEDIA Studios.

Apart from Bulgaria, Hyojin, E-Tion, J-Us, Wyatt, MK and U will also visit Paris (France) and Lausanne (Switzerland), where they will meet fans from the respective countries.

ONF европейско турне

Not by accident the event in Bulgaria is called “ALL STARS”. On April 9 we are expecting 2 more stars from the Korean stage. The first one is FUN Q – very known choreographer, who’s made choreographies for groups such as EXO and BTS. On April 9 he will hold 2 master classes and those attending will receive certificates.

The other star, which will put the audience on fire before ONF’s appearance is TEY. He is an ex-member of the group MR.MR and a solo artist for a few years now. His unique voice is definitely something that shouldn’t be missed.

All categories for the tickets you can check out and buy from EpayGo!

And while waiting for April to come, let’s start preparing from now! Enjoy “Why” – the title track from ONF’s latest album.

Sources: ONF, New MEDIA Studios

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