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Нови K-pop песни

We are slowly approaching the middle of December and the end of the year, and no matter how unexpected it may sound, this week is filled with a lot of k-pop songs.

MONSTA X quite unexpectedly dropped a new song in collaboration with Sebastián Yatra. “Magnetic” is performed in English and Spanish. Chen from EXO is here with a new song, which is a soundtrack to their show “Heart 4 U”, and Lay released a new song, dedicated to his grandmother, who has passed away earlier this year.

CL delights us with her two new songs, and Hyuk from VIXX released his first solo mini-album, making his fans happy with a music video to the song “Winter Butterfly”. Oh Sae Bom debuted with the song “TIE”, and ONEUS made a first Japanese release and presented us with a music video to the song “808”.

Check out all new k-pop songs below!

MONSTA X x Sebastián Yatra – Magnetic

Chen (EXO) – Beautiful

Lay (EXO) – Grandma (Chinese release)

Stray Kids – You Can STAY

CL – +ONE AND ONLY180228+

CL – +소중한 추억(THNX)190519+

Hyuk (VIXX) – Winter Butterfly

ONEUS – 808 (Japanese release)

ENOi – Starlight

Oh Sae Bom – TIE

Maddox – Color Blind

Eunki – Mistake

Shin Wonho – Invasion

U-Kwon (Block B) feat. Koonta – Rise Up

MCND – TOP GANG (Pre-debut release)

Punch – Yesterday


Seunghee (CLC) – Where are you?

Jang Jane – Venus

Jang Jane – Petal Fortune

Baek Z Young – No Love, No Heartbreak

N.Flying – It’s Okay

PSY x Heize – White Night

Taeho (IMFACT) – Santa Claus

Jae Jung Parc – December

WH3N – Secret

Nichkhun (2PM) – Stay In (English release)

Dvwn – Last

VINXEN feat. HAON – Empty

Basick feat. The Deep – CHOCO

TRIPPY DOG, Unpro – Back to top

JINBO feat. Digital Dav – Seagulls

Lucid Fall – Indecipherable book

Yoon Jong Shin – The Wanderer (Monthly Project 2019 December)

JT-One – Awhile

Seehansong (SHS) – C between B and D


Jo Dong Hee – Little fish

Lofty – My Moon

Se.A – U


San E feat. Freeze – Can we do it again?

Kim Jang Hoon – White Word (Good Condition Ver.)

Hyun Su – I didn’t do anything good

MFBTY – Who are you F. U.

Basick feat. Yeo Jeon Hui – You without answer

BOLA feat. Baller – J.O.T.W

Kim Bumsoo – Shattered

Sung Jin Hwan – I Am Ground

Yatsar feat. LAYN – Lunar new year

KOHD – Cheer up, my friend

Chan – In winter

MDD (Pink Fantasy) – It’s not beautiful


Mia – Orgel

Jeebanoff – Together with you

MIND U – I’m sorry for calling you late

CORBYN – Breathe Again

10cm – But it’s Destiny (Love crashing OST Part 1)

Myn – 1m 1s

Gayasong – Snow Flower

Namo – Way

The Brick – Only Waiting for you

Tae Rim – I’ll hold you MOM

Yoo Seong – Morning Star

Nafla – Merlot


EunBii feat. CHILDDIAHN – Lean On Me

2NB, Siha, Jin Hyuk, by me, Yellow Bench – It’s OK-It’s okay if you don’t mind

Classy – I wonder if you

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