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When did December come? We can’t believe that time passes by so quickly, but at least the k-pop songs are a constant, and when they drop, they drop by many at a time.

It’s been only the first week of December, but different artists, and companies even, have already started to release Christmas songs. We, however, must begin with the new content from Park Ji Hoon, who is here with a new release and a music video to the song “360”. Check it out! On the other hand, Lee Jun Young, also known as Jun from U-KISS, came back with his solo “Curious About U”.

RAVI is here once again with a new single, however, this time he’s gathered all the artists from his label, and the result called “ASURA” is a powerful song that you just can’t stop listening to on repeat… But RAVI doesn’t stop here. At the beginning of the month he also dropped a video for “Turn On The Light”, which is the leading song to the second part of his album “LIMITLESS” and is in collaboration with twlv.

Monsta X are also nonstopable and shared a video for their new English song “Middle of the night”. Jung Jinwoo from Planetarium Records released a new single and a music video for the beautiful “Nowhere”.

Now, let’s return to the Christmas spirit. Don’t fordet to check out “White” from THE BOYZ and JBJ95’s “Only One”. CL is here again with another 2 songs, which we are expecting from her every week, and U-KWON from Block B makes us happy with his rhythmic song “FUEGO” in collaboration with RGP.

You can check out all the new k-pop songs below!

Park Ji Hoon – 360

Lee Jun Young (U-KISS) – Curious About U

Ravi, Cold Bay, Xydo & Chillin Homie – ASURA

Ravi feat twlv – Turn On The Light

Monsta X – Middle Of The Night

THE BOYZ – White


CL – +REWIND170205+

CL – +DONE161201+

U-Kwon (Block B) feat. RGP – FUEGO

Jung Jinwoo – Nowhere

Crush – Alone


Paul Kim – Acoustic

Amber Liu – Numb

Kim Sejeong (gugudan) – Tunnel

Blue.D feat Mino (WINNER) – NOBODY

Seunghoon (NOIR) – Changed

Yang Da Il & Kim Na Young – Goodbye List

Chillin Homie, Veiniyfl, M1NU – Stole

Steady – Love is always vivid

V.O.S – Live Well


Grizzly – Tell me who

Jin Hyuk – Memory

Son Hyun Mi – Mommy Santa Claus

MBA (Most Badass Asian) feat. EK, BOLA, Make A Movie – LAMBO

Primary feat. SUMIN, Qim Isle – Woozoo

GIRIBOY – Snow Sweeping

PREC%NT – Bruise

J.cob feat. Wildberry – Travelers

Narae Lee – From

SORAN – What about you

Chiyeul Hwang – Untitled

Ahn Se Ha – What One’s Love Is

Siha – I Don’t Want to Cry

Almeng – Um

Kang Min Hee – Open Ending

OurR – Circle

Yellow Bench – Like A Movie

Onestar – I can’t take my eyes off you

Bluelk feat. YUZION – Come tomorrow

Clovd – Blue Hole

Changmo – METEOR

BRANDY – For Real

Jung Seung Hwan – My christmas wish

AVIN feat. PENOMECO, pH-1 – Take It Away

VANKiD feat. Ban Hyoungmoon of TRITOPS – The night drunk on you

DAVICHI – To My Old Lover (Dear.)

WeGirls – Hello Christmas


Bobby Kim – El Camino (Woman of 9.9 Billion OST part.1)

So Soo Bin – The warmest gift

D.Action feat. brown tigger – Lullaby


KURO – I think you’re doing fine

NELL – Cliche

Kim Yong Jin – This Was Love


IK BROTHERS – Sweetest Love

GXXD (Girlnexxtdoor), Jung JinHyeong, Goopy – DONE

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