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Finally, all the released k-pop songs until the end of November are here.

The kings of k-pop EXO came back with their sixth studio album and a music video to the song “Obsession”, showing us again that from them we can expect the unexpected. The legendary girl group АОА also came back with a new release and enlightened their fans with a video for “Come See Me”.

Kang Daniel, loved by lots of people, released his digital single “Touchin'”, and TXT shared their third video from “The Dream Chapter: MAGIC”.

The rookies Newkidd are here with the new single “COME”, and the boys from LIMITLESS made their first comeback with the song “Wish Wish”. Apart from the new music, they introduced us to their two new members.

More new music this week can be found from the band IZ, Paul Kim, J.Y. Park and others.

See the new k-pop songs below!

EXO – Obsession

AOA – Come See Me

Kang Daniel – TOUCHIN’

TXT – Angel Or Devil

Newkidd – COME


IZ – Memento

BOL4 & WH3N – New York

Paul Kim – Big Heart

J.Y. Park feat. BIBI – FEVER

ONE – Stone

ATONE – Ballade

Park Boram, Jae Jung Parc – Alone

Kim Yuna – WBWY

SURAN – Wait for you

Sandy feat. VINXEN – SPARK

Yu Seungwoo – The Road You Take

Dynamicduo feat. Penomeco – MSG

FEELDOG – Feelin & Chillin

YongYong feat. ASH ISLAND – Heart mur-mur

M To M – Only You

Life of Hojj feat. Kimseungmin – BABY

Swan – Not Fine

Clazziquai feat. Hong Dahye of OurR – Take back

Jukjae – Letter

Jung Jin Hyeong – NEW DRUG

Minsu, Yoon Jiyoung – SHE

Kidd King – The Ocean

Jang Deok Cheol – No More

Seong Han Jun – Walking On The Moon

HUI & KINO – La Di Da

ZICO feat. PENOMECO – Another level

Ko Sang Won – Flying Start

Rorin – Flower Dance

Jung Yi Han – Dawn

PINKMOON feat. SUZANNE – Your Pink


Ji Jin Seok – Pretend you’re all right

2NB – Without You

109 feat. Blueny of OuiOui – If it’s not you

SolAh – Why am I born in Korea

JooA – Goodbye

BANHANA – If we never met

YOONSANSEUL – Hapjeong Station Exit No.5

Jin Minho – Half

BIG INNER – Love fades

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