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Only few days have passed since M.O.N.T rocked the stage at their concert in Sofia, and the euphoria still burns me. If I had to summarize everything in one word, it would be a “dream”, but I’m here to tell you a lot more, so let me start from the beginning.

My story, as always, begins with the train and the journey to Sofia, which inevitably leads to waiting in front of the hall for hours. Why? Because my concert ethics command me to be the first. This time too everything happened in this pattern. And while we were patiently reaching Sofia, Narachan, Bitsaeon and Roda made their appearance on the Bulgarian National Television – the first k-pop group to guest there.

M.O.N.T’s concert was held at the Music Jam Club, which is a venue specially created for the organization of high-end concerts. On Friday, November 29, the club again showed that it could accommodate the large crowd that had gathered to see M.O.N.T – the trio who came to bring their fans on fire.

Speaking of organization, we need to mention the professionalism of the people at New Media Studios who have done everything perfectly so we can enjoy the magical experience that awaited us.

The phenomenal evening started and the atmosphere was warmed by three Bulgarian dance groups, namely Leaders in Town, 23 and Starlight Bulgaria. After the spectacular final performance of Leaders in Town, who danced to “LIT” by ONEUS, it was finally time for the stars of the evening, who began strongly with the performance of the song “Korean Nation Mansae”.

Starting with their introduction, the three idols have emphasized the fact that they are from South Korea and are proud of it. And of course, this led to the song “The Korean Island Dokdo”, which all the fans sang along with them. Bulgarian fans have again shown that they know how to make each group feel special.

M.O.N.T started with their surprises right away with the boys’ solo performances. Bitsaeon was the first to sensually perform his version of the Korean traditional song “Arirang”, and I was personally shaken while listening to it. Immediately after, Roda appeared to spark the crowd with the powerful rendition of the song “HOLUP” by iKON’ Bobby. Narachan completed the solo part with a beautiful performance of “Missing You” by 2NE1.

The magic was spreading from the stage and the mood was high thanks to the jokes of Narachan and the aegyo of Roda and Bitsaeon. These guys were born for the stage and not only because of their wonderful performances, but also because of their way of handling their fans.


In addition to their own songs, the trio had prepared and performed several covers of BTS songs, including “Idol” and “Boys with luv”. But they had greatest time performing their own “Will you be my girlfriend?”, “Bae” and of course “Best friend”, where they cutely announced in Bulgarian that they are ready to be “best friends” with their Bulgarian fans, called Mints .

The biggest surprise of the evening, however, was the phenomenal performance by M.O.N.T in Bulgarian. The boys had worked hard and performed in an incredibly delightful way a song by Grafa – “Sun in Your Eyes”, which they said they had found on their own and liked a lot. A truly incredible gesture to the Bulgarian audience that no other group has ever made.

The trio ended the show with the title track “Rock Paper Scissors” from their second mini-album “AWESOME UP”, and they couldn’t resist the requests of fans for at least one more song and kindly performed the lyrical masterpiece song “Sorry”!

It was definitely a concert that our team will remember, and for me it’s the best k-pop concert I’ve ever attended. And to Narachan’s question if they can come back, we answer with a firm YES!


Pictures: True East Asia
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