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Just recently the first European tour of NOIR finished. As fans we, of course, couldn’t miss it, even though the tour’s destinations weren’t so close to Bulgaria. After a long discussion, we chose Prague, and when that was decided, we only had to get there. The covenant day came as if imperceptibly.

The organization, both Skey Ace‘s – the organizers of the tour, and the fans’, was amazing. At 9 AM at a pre-arranged location we gathered and everyone received a number under which to enter the concert. Therefore, the earlier you go, the bigger the chance to enter first. And so, we got our numbers and went for a walk, instead of waiting at one place. Later on we gathered once again and went to Retro Music Hall, where the concert was about to take place.


Before the scanning of the tickets, the fans, responsible for the numbering, made sure everyone was standing in a row according to their number, and also checked for missing people. After that we had the opportunity to buy merchandise one by one .

It was interesting that, unlike any other concert that we’ve been to until now, the activities with the group – from meet and greet and fan sign to group pictures and selfies with the members, took place before the concert itself. At the rehearsal the boys performed two songs, one of which was like a present for the attendees, as it was not among the songs of the official part of the concert.


Between the activities with the group and the concert there was a gap of about 2 hours, however, they passed unnoticed. The main representative of Skey Ace told us stories of each member. He even performed a few covers, one of which was Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips”, and the audience sang with him.

Finally, it was time for the official beginning of the concert. Even though the audience wasn’t large, when NOIR appeared on stage, the hall was filled with screams that continued throughout the whole concert. You could see the boys were having so much fun. They did not stop smiling. The louder the fans screamed, the wider NOIR’s smiles were.

Apart from their own songs, the boys also performed a few dance covers. We saw them dance to Twice’s “Fancy”, NCT’s “Boss”, and Monsta X’s “Alligator”. We also saw the performance of “Artist” by the sub-unit Noir.H – Seunghoon, Siheon and Minhyuk.


The final song was “Magic”, during which the boys even stepped down from the stage to be as close as possible to their fans. They hold the hands of everyone they could reach, took our phones and took pictures with us. It was an incredible experience for both sides.

After the concert a number of people stayed to take farewell with the boys. At first, when they saw us, everyone was shocked and their manager had to return and assure them that it was okay to step out. When they overcame the shock, they were jumping joyfully and waving energetically until they took off.

We hope next time NOIR will also visit Bulgaria. We are sure they won’t be disappointed from the audience here!

Source: Skey Ace

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