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Aiyu Jelly

Summer might be gone, but that doesn’t stop us from getting to know an authentic and typically summer dessert from Taiwan. It is prepared from the seeds of the creeping plant Aiyu from the “Figs” family. The plant itself grows in the mountains of Taiwan between 1000 m and 1800 m, as well as in some other Asian countries with the same climate and latitudes. Its fruits resemble large mango-sized figs and are harvested between September and January, just before they ripen.

Aiyu fruits

seeds of 1 dried fig fruit (Aiyu seeds);
5 glasses of spring water;
1 fine mesh bag or cheesecloth.

For syrup:
1/2 cup of honey or sugar;
2 glasses of water;
2 lemons (juicy) + a few slices for the bowl.

The method of preparation is relatively easy, with the main point being, that the seeds are lightly pressed and ground until the yellowish color for the jelly is obtained. In the video below you can see the whole process of making.

As a part of the plant’s history, it is believed to have been discovered by a Taiwanese tea businessman in the 1800 s. He found a clear yellowish jelly in the water from which he drank and tasted it. Noticing fruits on hanging vines, he collects from them and takes to his home, where the name of the fruit Aiyu is born. The name came from the businessman’s daughter name.

Source: Angel Wong’s and etc.

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