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New K-pop songs (18 – 24 November)

Нови K-pop песни

We really thought that after October, November won't be filled with such strong k-pop releases. Well, we were wrong. This week also began strong with the release of ASTRO's new mini-album and the music video to the song "Blue Flame", where the boys definitely look pretty sexy. The Queen IU also

New K-pop songs (11 – 17 November)

With all the new k-pop songs on the horizon we didn't notice when November came, and it's even planning to slip away. This week presented us with a new comeback of the queens MAMAMOO with the music video to their song "HIP". Stray Kids made us happy with a music video

New K-pop songs (4 – 10 November)

How pleasant it is to start the month with all these new k-pop songs. We can't be but happy about GOT7's comeback, and their new title song "You Calling My Name" definitely gets stuck in your head. The same effect also has "LIMITLESS" - the first title song of RAVI's

New K-pop songs (28 October – 3 November)

Нови K-pop песни

We are smoothly transitioning from October to November with the new k-pop songs. Monsta X officially came back with the song "Follow", which definitely has an interesting tune. On the other side, A.C.E again came back with the extremely powerful song "Savage", which you just can't stop listen. Taeyeon, from the

EXO to release their 6th album in late November

The highly anticipated new album by the widely famous k-pop group EXO will be release this late November. Just a few days ago, it was confirmed that the Nation's Pick would return with their sixth studio album. On November 1 at midnight, all official social media profiles were updated with