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This October is definitely filled with a lot of k-pop music from big and widely known groups.

The super rookie group ATEEZ came back with their first full length album and the title song to it “Wonderland”. On the other hand, Stray Kids are preparing us fоr their next album with the single “Double Knot”.

ONF also came back with a new EP and the title song “Why”, and the rookies AB6IX are already conquering the music shows with their song “Blind For Love” – their first comeback after debuting. The boys from GreatGuys also delighted their fans with new music and a pretty sexy concept for the song “Be On You”.

As far as the girl groups and solo performances go, we can see new releases from Ladies’ Code, Heize and Kei from Lovelyz, who is debuting solo with the song “I Go”.

Check out the new k-pop songs below!

Stray Kids – Double Knot


ONF – Why


GreatGuys – BE ON YOU

Jung Dae Hyun – Aight

NELL – See U In Five

Ravi feat. ZENE THE ZILLA – Q&A

Xydo – Spotlight


Heize – Falling Leaves are Beautiful

Kei (Lovelyz) – I Go

Hwasa (MAMAMOO) & Woogie – In The Fall

Shin Hye Sung (Shinhwa) – You Are

D1CE – dot

VERIVERY – My Beauty

Paul Kim – Empty

Kim Feel – Love 2

BewhY feat. C JAMM – Transcend

Tiffany Young – Run For Your Life #RFYL (English release)

Joy o’clock – The Day (solo Dason)

Cho He Sal – Lonely

Haruna – For the memories

RYUN – Sunshine Day (CAT’S bar OST)

THORNAPPLE – Romanesque

George – The fall of genealogy

9duck – Still feel you


Like a Movie – I want you

Chain Reaction – In the beginning

Hyungdon & Daejune – MUMBLE

Jang Deok Cheol – See you later

Ji Jin Seok – Tell me, it’s not true

JERASTAR – She’s not at home

Jung Heum Band – Kongdack Kongdack (Rainbow Playground OST)

Chong Wan – Place

Choi Jungyoon – Block

CCOLA feat. Junggigo – War

Advanced feat. SHAUN – My Bad

Hyungdon & Daejune – Back 2 Me

Wine Loop – Seesaw

NC.A, HYNN – No you, no me

Dewsisters – Do U Remember

A Yeon Baek – Hello My Lover (VAGABOND OST)

TO BE WORLD KLASS – All You Need Is Love

Ha Yea Song – Another Love

Sibiwol – I love you, I don’t love you

Eian – Runaway

EOS – Stardust memory

Peggy Gou – Starry Night

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