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The new k-pop songs for the beginning of October are already here, and this month looks like it’s going to be very strong in terms of new music from our favorite artists.

This week Chen from EXO – one of the most powerful vocalists in the k-pop industry – made his first solo comeback with the mini-album “Dear My Dear” and the title song “Shall we?”. On the other hand, SuperM successfuly debuted with “Jopping” and their first mini-album “SuperM”.

We cannot not mention the video to Super Junior‘s song “I Think I”, who we are expecting to make an official comeback very soon after their last member was released from the military. This is their first comeback with (almost) all the members since a long time.

MONSTA X gifted a new song to their fans shortly before the release of their new album, which we are expecting at the end of the month, and the boy group ARGON is here with their first release after their debut earlier this year.

For sure this week was filled with some amazing k-pop songs, which you can check out below! Enjoy!

Chen – Shall we?

SuperM – Jopping

Super Junior – I Think I

Monsta X – Someone’s Someone

ARGON – Give me dat

Jang Woo Hyuk – WEEKAND

Jeong Sewoon – When it rains

HaMinWoo feat. Lee Youngji – Let Me Love You

Kang Xiwon – Passionate Love

Hash Tag – My Style

Limesoda – Wave

Ha Sung Woon – Dream of a dream

Baek Z Young – We

B-Bomb (Block B) – Finale

Zico – Extreme

Vince feat. Okasian – MENNAL

OVAN – Missed Call

LEE SEUNG HWAN – Between Survival & Romance

SISSO – Dream


GooNight feat. Jang Won Ki – Uncomfortable

Langyee – Birthday

Nody Cika – DALLA

JuniorChef feat. ShiGGa Shay, SonaOne & JP THE WAVY – DOMO

Paul Cho – White Shadows

Call Lee – 0AM

Mia – Insta lover

JUSTHIS feat. GARY – Momo

Lucia – Wuthering Heights

HOONS – I loved you

Norwegian Wood feat. Hyobin – We have to break up

Kai – Waves

Lucia – Hwa-Jo-Do: A painting of Flowers and Birds

Minsu – XXLove

John Park – Foolish Love


Kim Jin Ho – Firecrackers and stars

BUJA project feat. 류하은 – Rainfall

I’ll – Breaking Dawn (VAGABOND OST)

SE SO NEON – Go back

PRSNT – Face Time

N.P SOUND – It’s You

Fanxy Red – ‘Holla’ (Choreography Ver.)

Syler – Rockstar

Syler feat. ODEE – Laser

KIM BAK – I envy you

ORLY – Need You Now


OOSU:HAN – Firefly

LEEWOO – Breakup

Song I Han – You don’t know

Royeon (ANS), Bian (ANS) – Lean On Me

KIND, Loopy, HA DONG QN – Never Forget

DAMYE feat. Samuel Seo – Lonely Boy

K. will – Right In Front Of you

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