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The k-pop trio M.O.N.T will make their Bulgarian fans happy with a concert in Bulgaria at the end of this year.

Following the cancellation of the entire tour of Lucente in Europe for reasons beyond the control of Bulgarian organizer, New Media Studios quickly took up the reins and had announced the news that we would instead see M.O.N.T. The date for the concert is November 29th and the venue is the renowned Music Jam Club.

2019 is set to be the year of strong new k-pop groups and M.O.N.T is definitely one of them. Debuting on January 4th with “Going Up”, these three boys are quickly attracting fans all over the world, and their song “Will You Be My Girlfriend?” is widely popular thanks to its fresh sound, catchy lyrics and of course, the incredible charisma of the members.

M.O.N.T hints at their mischievous nature also with the group’s name, which is actually an abbreviation of Members Of the National Team. Even the stage names of the boys are taken from ancient Korean – Narachan, Bitsaeon and Roda.

Following the successful performances in South Korea and concerts in other countries, the group continues to conquer the world and are going on tour in America in early November and in Europe at the end of November, visiting Poland, Germany, France and Bulgaria.

Just a few weeks ago, Narachan, Bitsaeon and Roda returned with their second release “AWESOME UP!”, and the title track “Rock Paper Scissors” is just as catchy and refreshing as their debut song.

We also have to mention the iconic song “Korean Nation Mansae”. The song not only shows the different side of the boys, but is also about a theme that few idol groups would sing for. And this is precisely the unlawful occupation of the Korean Dokdo island by Japan, where the music video is taken.

Part of our team will attend the concert in Sofia and we are eager not only to see the concert, but also to tell you about the unique experience.


The date is November 29, the venue is Music Jam Club in Sofia. And for those who have already bought tickets for the Lucente concert – don’t worry. They will also be valid for this concert.

Tickets for M.O.N.T’s concert can be found through the Eventim network and online at In addition to the three different types of entry tickets, there are a limited number of selfie tickets. Selfie tickets only give you the opportunity for a selfie with a member of the group with your phone!

Get tickets for the concert here!
Check out the Facebook event here!

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