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And just like this – unnoticed – we reached the first week of September, and the new k-pop songs that were released during it respectively. We can’t believe how quickly time passes by.

For the last week plenty of k-pop artists delighted us with their new music. Let’s first mention CLC, who dropped their third single for this year – “Devil”. Of course, we also have to immediately share the new solo song of Whee In from MAMAMOO – “Good Bye”, which is truly a great ballad.

The trio M.O.N.T unexpectedly surprised us with a music video to “Bae”, which is filmed in Poland, and the song itself is quite addicting. On the other hand, the boy group VANNER came back with their first single and a video to the song “Crazy Love”.

Check out the new k-pop songs below!


Whee In (MAMAMOO) – Good Bye

M.O.N.T – Bae

VANNER – Crazy Love


VERIVERY – Mystery Light

W Project 4 – 1 Minute 1 Second


Kassy – Story of Night Fall

V.O.S – Again

Brown Eyed Soul feat. SOLE – Right

Choa & WAY (Crayon Pop) – My Universe

Jang Woo Hyuk feat. Babylon – STAY

DEAN – Sometimes I hear Howlin’ in my head

Yultron x Jay Park feat. Sik-K & pH-1 – Say Goodbye

Simon Dominic feat. MOON, Woo Won Jae & Jvcki Wai – GOTT

Kim Jae Hwan, Stella Jang – Vacance in September 2

Kim Jae Hwan, Stella Jang – Vacance in September 3

MIND U – I Tried


Cheon Soo Min – 9 minus 7


Truman feat. J.cob, YoungWon, Wildberry – Kick

Lee Bok Gil – 15

Epitone Project – Love that suffocating moment

Clazziquai feat. Suyoung Kim – What if

Yuntoben feat. Jeon Sang Geun – I’m Trying To Say Goodbye

HYUN SU – If You Didn’t Know You (IF)

LoF! feat. EB – Popular Song

J BEL – Realistic ideal

ChanHwi – Let’s go

Hyesu – Color

SNOFEEL – What A Day

Jin Won – like a lie

Mimyu – White noise

TSUN feat. NiiHWA – 12am

bintage feat. Donggyoung – Workroom

MONIKA – Station

Jeong Hyo Bean – We could be happy


Lee WonWoo – I need you

Lob – Dislike

Seo Yeon Park – HOPE

J n joy 20 (Yu Junsang, Lee Junhwa) – Now

NUOL feat. ZIZO, ILLINIT, jeebanoff – Husky (KING OF HIP HOP OST)

CANDO – An empty night

Sage – To an end

IM CHANG JUNG – Never ending

J n joy 20 (Yu Junsang, Lee JunHwa) – Don’t Cry Anymore

Yeoeun – Fight Day

KIM NA HEE – Cupid arrow

Hyunsang Ha – Moonlight

Kim Min Seok – Love

Jeon Sang Keun – I Still Love You

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