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The new k-pop songs from this week are more than amazing.

The band The Rose came back with a new single and a music video to the song “RED”, which successfuly could be considered as an amazing summer song, but not only. Jinu from WINNER is also here with his solo debut and a music video to “Call Anytime”, a song made together witn Mino.

PENTAGON can’t stop themselves and this week delighted their fans in Japan with the song “Happiness”. The girl group WEKI MEKI also make us happy with “Tika-Taka (99%)”.

We also have to mention the amazin hip-hop bop “Giddy UP” from Sik-K, HAON, pH-1, Woodie Gochild and Jay Park, as well as #GUN’s new song.

Check out the new k-pop songs below!

The Rose – RED

Jinu (WINNER) feat. MINO – Call Anytime

Weki Meki – Tika-Taka (99%)

PENTAGON – HAPPINESS (Japanese release)

Raiden feat. Irene (Red Velvet) – The Only

GSA – We got the power

JUN feat. JongUp – REM

Sik-K, HAON, pH-1, Woodie Gochild, Jay Park – GIDDY UP

Simon Dominic – DAx4

#GUN – Lord

HoooW (Hoyoung & Taewoo of G.O.D) – Game Over

Bizzy – Time Machine

Ja Mezz, Bando Kid, Loky Beatz – Thuna

2NB – I Want to Pretend I’m Okay


JuniorChef feat. June One – Situation

ROCOBERRY – Everything about you

Yun DDanDDan – Inventor

Jeong Min Gyun feat. Brand Newjiq – ICE ICE ICE

Blissday feat. Seo Yeon – Tears of the Girl

Mail – My Story

FreeXKid, Frammy, Nchovy – Wow

Lee Dojin – Life is A Shot

015B, Wyne – Sweet, Melting & Dangerous

Jukjae – Tattoo

Moon & Bouncers – Moon & Bouncers

SHAUN – To Be Loved

SHAUN – 36.5

SHAUN – Moon

TSUN – 12am

ANS – Wonderland

$ammy feat. Colde – ‘icywavy

Lee MinHyuk – Good Night

Llwyd – Erase

Yejin Chung – I Wish (Things OST # 2)


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