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Super M

At an event yesterday, SM Entertainment chairman Lee Soo Man announced the agency’s new super group – Super M.

Super M consists of 7 members who are already well known to the general public. They are Tаemin from SHINee, Baekhyun and Kai from EXO, Taeyoung and Mark from NCT and Lucas and Ten from WayV – NCT’s Chinese sub-unit.

The super group is the new global project of Lee Soo Man with the US based company Capitol Music Group and is expected to officially debut in the US market this October.

The group name – Super M – comes with an interesting concept. Super – by the talented super idols that make up the band and M, which stands for MATRIX & MASTER.

There are no announcements yet for members positions, but SM Entertainment says we can expect more mature music and concepts. However, the fans of the three groups are quite divided in their opinions.

CMG’s Steve Barnett shared at the presentation that this will be “the most noted debut of a k-pop group in America” and will be supported by major promotions there, while the SM director added that they are preparing MV and promotions throughout South Korea.

It was also shared that we can expect them to comeback with new albums in the future, but members will continue to promote with their main groups.

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Source: SM Entertainment

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