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Almost nine months after their official debut, the boys from the Korean pop group ATEEZ are already writing history. A great debut, an amazing first comeback, sold-out tours in America and Europe are just a small part of their achievements so far. “No one else do it like ATEEZ,” everyone says, and perhaps they’re not far from the truth.

That’s why I’m here today to tell you more about the lately released “TREASURE EP.3: All to One”. The mini-album consists of 6 tracks, carefully crafted by the producer EDEN, part of KQ Entertainment. The leader Hongjoong and the other rapper Mingi are also actively involved in writing songs, and even composing them, which is not common in the k-pop industry.

But let’s not waste more time and better talk about the songs themselves.

In this EP, the hunt for the treasure, that began in “Treasure EP.1” is still present and the song “Utopia” is showing us the boys looking for the utopia in their dreams. The song itself is a fast-paced EDM track that emphasizes the vocals of this talented musicians.

Immediately afterwards comes the song “Illusion” – one of the songs, from which the fans had to help choosing for title track. Yes, this rookie group let their fans choose the official title track for the album. The song has hip-hop rhythm, and the video takes us on a pirate journey to an abandoned island. Here the vocals overlap well with the rap parts of the two rappers, and the melody, though slightly slower, will also make you dance.

As in the previous two mini-albums of ATEEZ, here we find again entirely instrumental track created by EDEN. “Crescent” makes you open your eyes and prepares you for the next song. It isn’t accident it’s in third place, and fans, who prefer visual content can enjoy it at the end of “Illusion” MV.

And finally it’s time for the official title track of the album – “Wave”. Here the song conveys the message of living our lives and enjoying every moment to the fullest with an easy-to-remember chorus beginning with “Hakuna Matata Ya”. The melody differs with the gentle but energetic sounds of the guitar, and the high tones of the maknae Jongho add extra thrill to this energetic summer song.

We can’t help paying special attention to the song “Aurora”. Written, composed and produced by the leader Hongjoong, “Aurora” is the treasure we have been looking for. The song features lyrical guitar melody with a repeating riff that just stays in our minds even if we are not listening to the song anymore. Here the rap and the vocals are mixed very homogeneously, and the choreography to the song makes the experience of watching it heavenly.

The last song of ATEEZ’s mini-album is “Dancing Like Butterfly Wings”, which ends our summer adventure with “Treasure EP.3”. Right from the beginning, we can feel that it’s slightly more rock-oriented, and with its medium tempo and chorus, that proves we shouldn’t joke with the band’s vocal capabilities, the song brings us a sense of completeness.

With this mini-album, the monster rookie group shows us that they are here to stay and we can’t wait to see what more they will bring us in the future!

Treasure EP.3


Group: ATEEZ
Release date: 10 June 2019
Genre: Dance, Pop, EDM
Production team: EDEN, LEEZ, BUDDY, Ollounder, Kim Hongjoong, Song Mingi
Label: KQ Entertainment
Offisial website

Review by: Amairo

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