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The first half of 2019 is already gone, and the new month of July brought us even more interesting k-pop songs.

Known also as the month of EXO, July began strong with D.O’s solo song “That’s Okay”, which was released the same day he enlisted in the military.

The girl group GFRIEND also delight us with a comeback, as well as solo artists as Ailee, Heize, Younha and BEN. On the other hand, BTS have a new Japanese release, and MAMAMOO delight their fans with a new soundtrack.

Check out the new k-pop songs from the first week of July below!

D.O. (EXO) – That’s Okay


Ailee – Room Shaker

Heize feat. Giriboy – We Don’t Talk Together

BTS – Lights (Japanese release)

Stray Kids – TMT

Honey Popcorn – De-Aeseohsta


Gavy NJ – See You Again

ZELO (ex. B.A.P) – Flash, Party

B-BOMB (Block B) feat. jeebanoff – Dawn

Jay Park feat. HAON – All Day

#GUN – Park

Park Bom – Perfume

Younha – On A Rainy Day

SOHLHEE – He Ghosted Me

BEN – Thank You For Goodbye

Jin Ho, Hui, Kino, Woo Seok (PENTAGON) – Shout out

O.WHEN – Please Tear Up

Sung Yubin – Close my eyes

Choyoung, GROOVY D – Nothing

Jae Jung Parc – If Only

KURO – #boysthesame

RoundAbout – It rains

Mandy – BlueMoonLight

INEFFA CREW x SOMBER – ‘2019 Cypher’ 

Shin Ji Hoon – Tick-Tock

Han Sangdo – Going Out

Plot – ‘Ordinary Days’ – Ordinary Days (Feat. OFJW, carki!i)

YUHA – The Worker

Triss – Rolly Rolly

KLANG – Fairytale 

gong – Haze

Sung Dam – Rain

ABRY – Feel like Summer

Mackelli – SAME

Hello Ga-Young – tease me

Norwegian Wood – # summer night


Noah – Error

LoF! – Error

Lee Si Eun – Error

Deepshower – Focus (Feat. Barney Artist, ELO, Niko Blank)

Younghertz – ‘Airplane’

Marmalade Kitchen – My Recipe

Wynn – You look like you

 Stella Jang – YOLO

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