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Нови K-pop песни

The last week of June was glowing from all the new k-pop songs, which were released.

Eun Jiwon from the legendary group SECHSKIES came back powerfully with a new album and the song “I’m on fire” definitely lit us. On the other hand, BTS delighted their fans with a song for their new game “BTS World”, which you can also play and be managers to the boys from Bangtan.

The loved by all solo artist Chung Ha came back with a new release, where the title song “Snapping” will definitely make you wanna get up and dance. The same goes for “Uh-Oh” – the new amazing song by (G)-IDLE.

We also have to mention two debut groups – the girls from PURPLEBECK and the boys from CICI have something to offer you, and we also recommend you check out the solo of Eui Jin from BIGFLO (and UNB).

Listen to the new k-pop songs from the week below!

Eun Jiwon (SECHSKIES) feat. Blue.D – I’M ON FIRE

BTS – Heartbeat

CHUNG HA – Snapping

(G)-IDLE – Uh-Oh

Eui Jin (BIGFLO, UNB) – Insomnia

Minhyuk feat. Joohoney (Monsta X) – Ong Shimmy

MAP6 – I Like It (Japanese release)



PURPLEBECK – Crystal Ball

SULLLI (ex. f(x)) – Goblin

Punch – Love Me

Sik-K feat. MOON – Is It Love?

Vincent Blue – Stupid

SOLE feat. pH-1 – LOVIN’ U

Shin Jae – Belief

Won Jang – Luxury


Park Young Mi – LOVE

PK(P.ZONE&KL) feat. FANA, DJ Tiz – Like A Blood

 NO:EL Feat. Jhnovr, Benzamin – SUMMER 19`

Bahn – Raincoat

996 – That day and back

Yoon Hyun Sang – Dancing Universe

Joy o’clock – Fall In Love

New Dance feat. Whale – LIFE TIME

LambC – Fallin

Minah, JUNG ILHOON – IT WAS LOVE (MY Absolute Boyfriend OST Part. 7)

Sung Yubin – Drawing you

SAM KIM – Scent

GA EUN – Voice

EB – Your Name


NIDA – Bye My Love

2S feat. Wonstein, ChoiLB, dsel – modelwalking

YEOM YU RI – I’ll come to you like the wind

So Soo Bin – Full of You

Lusty – Thirsty

EZUZ feat. GYEONGREE – Latte is Horse

New K-pop songs (17 – 23 June)

New K-pop songs (10 – 16 June)

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