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At the end of last month, Ravi from VIXX officially announced the opening of his own hip-hop label GROOVL1N. The fans were excited in anticipation with what he would surprise them, especially after it was announced at the end of May, that he wouldn’t renew his contract with Jellyfish Entertainment, but would open his own company. Happily, he wouldn’t leave VIXX and will continue his activities along them.

What means the name of the label? GROOVL1N is a combination of the words ‘GROOVE’ and ‘GOBLIN’, and the design of the logo is entirely done by Ravi.

Besides Ravi, two other familiar faces will join as artists to the label – Cold Bay and Xydo. Both have worked with Ravi before. Cold Bay took part in the songs “PAVLOV’S DOG” (K1TCHEN) and “See-Through” (R.OOK BOOK), and Xydo participated in the song “HOODIE” (R.OOK BOOK).

The Label has oppened an official website, as well as a Facebook page, and also profiles in Twitter and Instagram. You’re free to follow them all!

And while we are waiting for the next news, let’s enjoy Ravi’s song in collaboration with Cold Bay – “See-Through” from the album R.OOK BOOK.

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