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K-pop group Black6ix made their fans happy with the unique concert on 11th May at Joy Staytion in Sofia, Bulgaria. The concert was part of their European tour and the performance in Sofia was the second scheduled in their 3 days tour.

We at the True East Asia crew, as loyal fans, came to the place at 14:30, realizing that we were the first one waiting for the Black6ix boys. Over the hours, the parking lot at Joy Station was filled with hundreds of people waiting to get in. Well, we waited longer than planned, but the organizers managed to deal with everything in the best way possible.

Even with a little delay, the concert began, and the six idols were greeted happily on the stage with the introduction song “Swamp of Despair,” which is the lead single of their first mini-album.

Fully entertaining the audience, Black6ix performed several more songs, like “Like a Flower” and “Caffeine,” then greeted their fans with the help of their translator, but also trying to speak more in English, which helped the communication between them and the fans.

The atmosphere got even more hotter by a game in which 6 fans joined the boys on the stage to meet several challenges alongside their idols. And then we received an unexpected gift – performance of the famous songs of the two other very popular bands – “Love Shot” of EXO and “Idol” of BTS.


It wasn’t possible not to feel the emotion of Taeyoung, Yongseok, Jongwoon, Ziki, Yey and The King as they performed their songs to their Bulgarian fans. The smiles on their faces were immense as they approached the audience, and they answered them screaming their names and touching their hands. Definitely incredible feeling for both sides.

We should also mention the surprise that some of the fans had prepared with the help of the organizers for the birthday of Jongwoon, which coincided with the concert in Bulgaria. The big rear screen came alive with the birthday video, and the guys quickly came back on stage to enjoy the messages and celebrate together the 24th birthday of Jongwoon.


Although performing for just two years, we were able to see the professionalism and hard work of these wonderful boys who tirelessly performed all their favorite songs for their Black Pearls (the name of the fan club), and the concert ended with the debut song of Black6ix – “Please” and the whole audience was singing along with the artists.

And though the concert was over, everybody waited patiently for high touch, picture and a hug with the boys, who no matter the fact it was past midnight, stayed and met all their fans, always smiling and spreading their positive energy to everyone.

Black6ix fans were pleased with the experience, as do we. We enjoyed the wonderful show and we will be delighted to welcome the six boys back in Bulgaria in the near future, even only to be able to hear the cute “Blagodarq” (“Thank you” in Bulgarian), which Yey repeated throughout the concert!


Pictures: New Media Studios
Article by: Amairo

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