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The Confidence Man JP

After the successful series”The Confidence Man JP” in 2018, the audience will have the chance to enjoy the movie, which came out this month under the direction of Tanaka Ryo. In the main roles we will see again Higashide Masahiro, Nagasawa Masami and Kohinata Fumiyo, as well as some new faces.

The plot in The Confidence Man JP:
“Confidence Man” is entirely related to money and wishes. Three seemingly ordinary good-natured fraudsters (Confidence Man) create schemes, that are both epic and strange, exploiting huge sums of money, choosing their victims by the greedy people who act in the fields of tourism, real estate, medicine and sports.

Riu Ran (Takeuchi Yuko) is a member of the triad in Hong Kong – cold-blooded and appropriately called “Ice Princess”. She is also the holder of the best diamond in the world. Dako (Nagasawa Masami), Boku-chan (Higashide Masahiro) and Richard (Kohinata Fumiyo) are trying to steal the diamond from Ran. Meanwhile, the beautiful confman Jessie (Haruma Miura ) is also trying to take the diamond.

Nagasawa Masami – Dako
Higashide Masahiro – Boku-chan
Kohinata Fumiyo – Richard
Takeuchi Yuko – Riu Ran
Haruma Miura – Jesse
Oda Lisa – Monako
Kote Shinya – Igarashi
Takigawa Eiji – Mr. Moustache

Source: fujitv and asianwiki

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