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Last week was quieter and we didn’t have much new songs, but the ones, that were released were really good.

We can enjoy new song by I.M. from MONSTA X, Apink celebrated 8 years of their debut, and there were a lot of solo songs by famous members of huge popular groups.

Let’s see the new k-pop songs from the past week.


Apink – Everybody Ready?

Lee Gikwang (HIGHLIGHT) – Nothing

Stray Kids – Chronosaurus

Stray Kids – Victory Song

Seongri (RAINZ) – That’s You

Youngjae (B.A.P.) – Another Night

ENOi – Bloom

HASHTAG – Freesm

YOARI – Reason: It’s You

Stephanie – Man On The Dance Floor


wetter – GGONDAE

415 – shining star

109 – We need to meet now

The Yangbans – Around Midnight

Car, the garden – Tree

MINSEO – The First Love

2NB – If I hadn’t known you

Lee Jang Woo – Will You Marry Me?

Kisum feat. Woody – Say Hello To Me

Yoon Jong Shin – Shuffling

Jeong Hyo Bin – The First

Loopy & Nafla – Ice King

JungHeum Band – Sorry I am

Im Som – Love Me

l!ldumb feat BRANDY – One more time

Ra.D feat Michael – 30

20 Years of Age, Boramiyu – Spring Christmas

LOGAN – black

Kim Eun Bi – PPP

Jung Seung Hwan – The Voyager

Kaya – I Just Wonder

The Chain G – Drunk

FilmIsland – Spring Day (vocal by Park Yeon of Damsonegongbang)

New K-pop songs (8 – 14 April)

New K-pop songs (1 – 7 April)

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