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TEA Top 30

March was difficult month. There had more than 150 new songs, and we like the older songs way too much to miss them. So we had to do something about our TEA Top 30 Chart.

We decided to limit the songs at some point. What this means? Simple – a song can stay on the chart for 3 months only.

What is the newest in the chart this month anyway? We have new songs by Ravi from VIXX, and some debut solo songs as well. Check out the chart below!

TEA Top 30

Songs leaving the chart:
Chung Ha – Gotta Go
ASTRO – All Night
Huta – YA
Hyomin – U Um U Um
SF9 – Enough

As always you can watch the songs in the playlist below!

Individual playlist by our staff can be seen as follows: Amairo, Mopi, Sakura!

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