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Dear readers, today I decided to introduce you to one Korean dessert. Let’s get sweetened in this early spring.

Yaksik or also known as Yakbap is a Korean traditional dessert. It is also believed, that its roots date back from 13th century. Combining sweet and healthy, Yaksik is a part from the menu on occasion of Jeongwol Daeboreum, which is celebrated on January 15th (Lunar Calendar). It is also prepared for weddings and other celebrations.

I personally, looking at it, would like to try it, even if it is not related to the celebration of something. I think it will worth it to dive into traditions and culture, but let’s not deviate from our main theme.

As I have already mentioned, Yaksik is not only sweet but also healthy. It combines glutinous rice (sweet rice), honey, brown sugar, nuts, dried fruit, sesame oil, and in some cases cinnamon and chestnuts. Even his name is healthy (“medicinal food” or “medicinal rice” – from Korean “yak” means “medicine” and “sik” means “food”).

Yaksik has different variations and styles of cooking, both traditional and modern. One of the modern ways of cooking is that it can be cooked in a pressure cooker, but it will not get the same texture and flavor as it has been prepared in a traditional way. Therefore the texture of the rice would be firm and chewy, and the aroma more saturated and alive.

One way to prepare the sweet dessert can be found in the next video.

I hope I’ve got at least a bit of your interest for this dessert, and to Korean culinary as well. In the next I will present you more delicious temptations, both traditional and contemporary from Korea’s cuisine.

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