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The world-renowned k-pop group BTS recently announced the release of a new album in April.

The album will be titled “Map Of The Soul: Persona” and will be released on April 12 in both physical and digital format. According to their fans, this album will start a new series of albums, this time starting with the title “Map Of The Soul”.

In the album, Bangtan Boys’ fans will receive not only the desired CD with new songs, but also a 76-page booklet, a mini book “花樣 年華 THE NOTES”, as well as different types of cards for individual members of the group.

The album can now be ordered on sites such as Synnara, Kpoptown, Ktown4u, and stores in Bulgaria such as Annyeong and Tobuyo Shop.

Are you excited about the new songs? And while we’re waiting for more information about track list and covers of the versions, let’s listen their latest hit song, which conquered the world.

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